Renting a Ferrari

Everything you need to know to get behind the wheel and drive a Ferrari

Most Rented Ferrari Models

Now that you know some of the main factors to take into account before starting your Ferrari experience, you probably want to know which are the most popular models to rent, discover their features, options and technical data. Which is your favorite?

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Having a luxury sports car like a Ferrari 458 Italia (I personally like the 488 GTB better) in your garage is not usually the norm, both because of its high purchase cost and its maintenance cost...

... but driving a sports car with the rampant horse on its hood to give you a treat can be more affordable if you choose to go to a high-end car rental company on time through a company specializing in the rental of high-performance luxury cars.

Below we will clarify some of the most frequently asked questions related to the rental of this type of luxury car, because if you do not know the protocol, it can frustrate your illusion during the process.

Don't worry, we are here to help you ;)

Renting a Ferrari has several aspects to consider. To begin with, it does not cost the same to rent your Ferrari in Barcelona as it does in Madrid or Marbella, as well as the models that you can find available in each city. Also, the requirements for renting a Ferrari can change considerably depending on the city you choose.
From our blog you can also find out which models, prices and things you should take into account before looking for a luxury car rental company, as well as advice and suggestions to make the most of your "Ferrari experience" with road trips, sport activities or simply to enjoy the pleasure of driving with your partner.

Access each city in our directory and get the most out of your investment.

Rent a Ferrari in Barcelona

Catalonia offers the ideal excuse for lovers of high-end cars to rent a Ferrari in Barcelona for hours or days.

Rent a Ferrari in Ibiza

This will be our starting point for the whole island: together, we will have the luxury of touring Ibiza in a rented Ferrari.

Rent a Ferrari in Marbella

Enjoying a Ferrari in Marbella, one of the most exclusive cities in Spain, will undoubtedly be a great experience.

Renting Ferrari in Malaga

Malaga is part of a melting pot of cultures as varied as they are millenary: the Andalusian region.

Rent a Ferrari in Madrid

Have you thought about what to do with a Ferrari in Madrid? Everything you need to know to rent and enjoy a Ferrari in Madrid.

Before Your Rent Your Ferrari

First of all you might want to consider what you are going to use it for. It doesn't make much sense to rent a Ferrari in Madrid to go to Valencia for a day at the beach, as you might prefer to travel in the AVE and rent it directly there (delivery at the station if you want) saving from 3 to 5 euros per extra kilometer to the 150 to 200kms included in the rental. Perhaps you are thinking of renting a Ferrari for a wedding or to celebrate your anniversary, so first you should know the Ferrari models that can fit better for each purpose; but let's break it down first. In order for you to have a general orientation of everything you need to rent your Ferrari, we will list the main requirements needed to carry out the operation successfully:

1.- You must have a credit card that can cover the deposit of the chosen model. This amount is usually between 3,000 and 9,000 euros (this will be returned to your card upon delivery of the vehicle).

2.- Ask the company if the vehicle is fully insured, as the usual practice in these luxury cars is to cover the first 1,200 euros in case you are at fault in a possible accident.

3.- Payment of the Ferrari model chosen in your rental. If we choose a "basic" model (Ferrari 458 Italia or California) it costs approximately 850€ for a full day.

4.- Take into account the cost of petrol, as you will have to return your Ferrari with a full tank. The lowest consumption can vary between 15 and 20 liters at a moderate pace, so depending on the kilometers you want to do and your driving style, calculate how many tanks you will have to cover during your experience.

Below you can find more details depending on the city where you are going to rent your Ferrari. If you have any kind of question do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help you and recommend you the best way possible.

Remember that you can benefit from the exclusive agreements we have forged with the best sports car rental companies so don't think twice about consulting us before taking the first step.


Most Rented Ferrari Models

Now that you know some of the main points to take into account before starting your Ferrari experience, you probably want to know which are the most rented models, discover their features, options and technical specs. Which is your favorite?

If you’re going to rent a Ferrari, don’t hesitate…


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