Most rented Ferrari models

Unique cars in terms of design, performance, innovation, technology and driving pleasure; this is the Ferrari brand, from the construction of its first car, the "125S" in 1947 in the factory in Maranello by Enzo Ferrari, to the latest heart attack models that still maintain the characteristic performance of the brand.

Each Ferrari model is unique, all inspired by the Formula 1 prototypes of the "Scuderia Ferrari"... which one's your favorite?


Rent a Ferrari 458 Italia

If you are a car lover, the FERRARI 458 ITALIA will ring a bell with Pininfarina, as the central engine on the rear (among other things) has been designed exclusively for this model by the automobile and high-speed train design firm.


Rent Ferrari 458 Spider

El 458 Spider fué el primer coche en combinar un motor central trasero con un techo duro plegable con un alto confort en el habitáculo tanto abierto como cerrado.

The Ferrari models and its history

As we all know, Ferrari is a car company based in Itailia, specifically in the beautiful town of Maranello. It was founded under the name "scuderia Ferrari" in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari, who was a racing car driver at the time. In 1947 he managed to start manufacturing his own cars under the Ferrari brand, although the models that look like the supercars we know today did not arrive until the 1970s and 1980s.

In the video we have captured from Budget Direct Car Insurance you can enjoy an overview of the brand through their sports cars and race cars from 1948 to 2018.

You can also visit the official Ferrari website, where you can see all the updated models, from the prototypes such as the 125S from 1947, to the most spectacular models such as LaFerrari Aperta, a real heart attack Gt with more than 960HP of power.

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