Renting Ferrari Barcelona

Lush landscapes, winding mountain roads...

Hidden coves and beaches and a rich gastronomic culture with Michelin-starred restaurants scattered in remote locations...

Catalonia offers the ideal excuse for lovers of high-end cars to rent a Ferrari in Barcelona for hours or days. Remember that we can get you special prices, offers and promotions when renting your Ferrari in BARCELONA, so do not hesitate and contact us, you have a lot to gain.

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Catalonia offers the ideal excuse for high-end car lovers to rent a Ferrari in Barcelona for hours or days.



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Living an unique experience in Barcelona is possible by renting a Ferrari...

In this article we will explore some suggestions for you to experience the power of a GT engine and the unique feeling of driving a dream Ferrari.

Fasten your seatbelt and feel the adrenaline in your veins, and the envious glances of the other drivers! You and your friends are in for an unforgettable experience on the Catalan roads!


From 0 to 200 in…

No, we are not talking about acceleration in 3.2 seconds or revolutions per minute, but about the kilometers you'll drive in your Ferrari, because based on your choice, availability and individual (or group) preferences, plans can vary, a lot!

That's why we've chosen three routes perpendicular to each other and destinations between 0 and 200 km from Barcelona. For short distance experiences, you may just want to go for a ride inside the city. In that case, don't miss the Passeig de Gracia or if you want to be the freakiest in site, the famous Ferrari Land in Port Aventura.

But if you can get away to a more remote location and have time for more than just warming up the engine - let's say a day or two at least - the best way to experience the thrill of stepping on the gas of a Gran Turismo is, without a doubt, to explore the region's spas and mountains.

We'll also look at local options to help you relax a bit. Driving a top of the range car can be an exciting experience on the one hand; but it is not without some stress. After all, you are not driving just a normal rental car, but a luxury car of over 200,000€ with a great deal of consistent focus.

Escape To The Mountains In A Ferrari

Montserrat: Distance: 60 km de Barcelona

(see route in Google Maps)

Literally "Sawed Mountain", because of its sawtooth silhouette, Montserrat is the name of the predominant mountain in the Catalan region.

The massif is located just 45 km northwest of Barcelona; two parallel and well signposted highways lead there from the center of Barcelona: the A-2 and the C-16. The other, a little further east, passes through the village of Monistrol.

If you opt for the A-2 highway, you will pass (and enjoy the luxury of driving) through a picturesque spot of forests and fields of almonds and olives called El Bruc, where you can stop for a typical Catalan lunch at the renowned restaurant Cal Noio, at the very foot of the mountain. Another alternative, just a few meters from the highway, is La Vinya Nova, on the avenue of the same name, also in El Bruc. An old masía (that's how certain types of rural houses are called in Catalonia) houses this restaurant.

About 15 km further on, already in the middle of the mountain (impressive curves by the way), you will find yourself riding on a terraced road, full of curves and spectacular cliff landscapes. At about 720 m above sea level the roar of your Ferrari will no doubt interrupt the peace of an old Benedictine monk's enclave, the Abbey of Montserrat. Now the site of a gigantic twelve-tonne, 4200-pipe handcrafted organ, the locals say that the Virgin would have appeared on this mountain at the end of the 9th century AD. Given the altitude of the sanctuary, you will enjoy a splendid view of Catalonia from the cliff. And if you enter the Basilica, you are likely to meet the choirboys of the Escolania, one of the oldest children's choirs in the old continent.

On your way back to Barcelona to return the car, we recommend a stop at the Coves de Salnitre (saltpetre caves), whose whimsical shapes, they say, inspired Gaudí to mould the towers of the Sagrada Familia. These are very extensive natural galleries in the Montserrat Mountain itself, half a kilometre of which is open to the public.


Andorra La Vella Distancia: 200 km from Barcelona

(see route in Google Maps)

If you dare to take a longer trip, continuing northwards, on the same highway to Montserrat you arrive at the Principality of Andorra. After leaving Montserrat behind, step on the gas and feel your back stick to the seat: another 140 kilometers of "luxury" await you along the highway to the border!

The altitude of Montserrat Abbey is nothing compared to the imposing mountains of the Pyrenees, where Andorra La Vella ("The Old"), the capital of the Principality, is located. In fact, Andorra has the highest capital in all of Europe; and, curiously, the country can only be reached by road, as it has no airport.

In the vicinity of La Vella you can have lunch in a borda, typical rustic granaries with thick stone walls (in the mountains, winters can be very harsh). Now modern restaurants, the old Andorran Borda specialize in grilled meat, typically barbecued in the open air. Before crossing the border, check if your Ferrari insurance covers you during your visit abroad.

Costa Brava: Sun, Beaches, Coves and Ferrari. Sounds good, doesn't it? Now, we change the route. If instead of the mountains you decide to drive around the whimsical coves of the Mediterranean and enjoy the breeze, you might prefer to rent a Ferrari convertible, like the Ferrari California T or the imposing Ferrari 458 Spider. You have two options from Barcelona: go northeast, as if heading to the south of France; or southwest, on the way to Tarragona.


We drive northeast... Tossa de Mar, 86km from Barcelona

(see route inGoogle Maps)

Just halfway between Barcelona and the French border is this little walled jewel that has been occupied since the first Paleolithic settlements: "Turissa", for the ancient Romans, the name Tossa derives from the Basque word for "fountain".

Among the attractive features of the region are three spectacular beaches and a very well preserved eight-century old wall. Three cylindrical towers complete the wall that surrounds the hill where the Vila Vella stands, right in front of the main beach. At some time in the Middle Ages, it protected a castle from pirate attacks.

After driving for 86 km, it is time to take a break. Park your engine, take some pictures and walk through the narrow streets where Ava Gardner filmed Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. Ask for La Cuina de Can Simón, one of the best places in Tossa to eat seafood. Try the cod or, even better, the holoturias (sea cucumbers) casserole and then head to the beach!


Let’s turn around… we head south in a Ferrari!

Tarragona. Distance: 100 km from Barcelona

(see route in Google Maps)

About the same distance as Tossa de Mar (100 km), but in the opposite direction, stands the city of Tarragona, once a Roman military bastion. To get there you will have to take the C-32 or C-31 highway. At the maximum speed allowed, you will arrive in approximately one hour from Barcelona.

There are many historical buildings to visit, especially Roman ruins, including an elliptical amphitheater from the 2nd century, where gladiators fought in front of 15,000 spectators.

For a good grilled veal entrecote, a few meters from the ruins of the Roman theater you will find the Barquet Tarragona, a restaurant with a Michelin star. Accompany the entrée it with a Chartreuse flan, a Tarragona wine and good company. On your way back to Barcelona, you can stop off at Sitges and enjoy the beautiful coastal town.


Ferrari Land. Distance: 109 km from Barcelona

(see route in Google Maps)

Only 9 km from the center of Tarragona, in the Port Aventura World amusement park, you will find the Mecca for lovers of the Prancing Horse: Ferrari Land. This is a theme park where you can drop into a 55-metre free fall in one of the Thrill Towers, or bounce up to the sky in the twin tower that imitates the pistons of a Ferrari engine.

Or experience what it feels like to be a Formula 1 driver in a pit stop: 1.3 G, accelerating from 0 to 180 km/h in just 5 seconds on Red Force, the 880-meter-long roller coaster, which is the highest in Europe, with a 112 m drop.

Ferrari Land completes the experience with a small museum with historical models of the team and interactive screens. In short, this is another entertainment that you can enjoy for a couple of hours while you give your super sports car a rest.


Sitges. Distance: 86 km from Barcelona

(see route in Google Maps)

For really short road trips, Sitges is ideal. As the town is only 38 km southwest of Barcelona, you'll have the opportunity to listen to your Ferrari's engine roar and, depending on the time you go for a drive, you may be able to accelerate to the maximum speed allowed.

But don't get too excited: if you are looking for speed, this route is not the most appropriate. Home to the International Film Festival of Catalonia and recognized as the place with the most expensive land in Spain -with prices that exceed 5,000 euros per square meter-, Sitges is a typical Catalan town, with maze-like pedestrian streets where you can stretch your legs after a while driving.

You may want to visit the old circuit of Terramar. It is a private property, but you will have no trouble getting a permit. Don't expect to put the pedal to the metal here either: the circuit is disused, but well maintained enough to experience the centrifugal force by doing a few laps in its famous 60° canters.

By the way, Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz managed to do a lap at 170 km/h. But those were different times, without the bumps and cracks of today.


And speaking about Ferrari circuits … Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Another way to enjoy a Ferrari, to feel its power in all its splendor in a safe environment is, of course, to go racing on a circuit. There are a couple of options in Barcelona for lovers of luxury super sports cars.

Montmeló Circuit. Distance: 24 km from the Paseo de Gracia

(see route in Google Maps)

You love speed, but you only have a few hours to have fun in Barcelona? What could be better than the legendary circuit that hosts the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix!

Although on the maps you can find it by its official name, Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya, everyone knows it as Montmeló. It is a 4,665 m circuit to race in a car capable of reaching 280 km/h, on a track with 16 corners where you can test how your tires respond to every braking.

Here, in addition to a Gran Turismo, you can get into a real racecar. You'll find that for less than £1,000 you can rent a Ferrari Formula 2 car to race in a sector that includes the home straight.

video: Formula GT Experience

Can Padró Circuit. Distance: 50 Km from Barcelona

(see route in Google Maps)

Taking the C-16 highway, in less than an hour you will reach the town of Castellbell y Vilar, where the Can Padró circuit is located. It is a small circuit, but with a well designed layout that will test your skills.

As in Montmeló, you can also rent F2 single-seaters and super sports cars from Ferrari. All good things come to an end. It's time to return your luxury machine.

Yes, we know, it's hard to part with a Ferrari, but you can always rent it again ;)

Recommended Ferrari models for rent in Barcelona


For more information on how to rent a Ferrari for days or hours, visit the “How To Rent A Ferrari” Section.


Alquilar Ferrari 458 Italia

Catalogado como el mejor coche del año en el 2010, cuenta con un motor atmosférico de inyección directa de gasolina con 8 cilindros en V, montado en posición trasera-central con 4,5 litros de cilindrada y 578 CV de potencia con un par de 540 Nm a 6000 rpm, diseñado para alcanzar regímenes de giro de hasta 9.000 rpm...


Alquilar Ferrari 458 Spider

El 458 Spider fué el primer coche en combinar un motor central trasero con un techo duro plegable con un alto confort en el habitáculo tanto abierto como cerrado.


Alquilar Ferrari California T

Elegante, versátil, 100% deportivo y convertible en un Spider en 15 segundos. El Ferrari California T, cumple con las expectativas de los clientes más exigentes, para aquellos que piensan que la diversión al volante es su prioridad.


Alquilar Ferrari 488 GTB

Luciendo un exterior altamente mejorado y equipado con un motor V8 central doble turbo de 670 CV, el 488 GTB se convirtió en el soberano absoluto de los Supercoches Ferrari desde 2015.


Alquilar Ferrari 812 Superfast

El Ferrari 812 Superfast cuenta con 12 cilindros y 800 cv de potencia a 8.500 vueltas. Su par de 718 Nm (575 Nm a 3500 rpm) te harán literalmente volar sobre el asfalto disfrutando del sonido inigualable de su motor atmosférico.


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