Renting Ferrari Ibiza

Imagine you just found a Ferrari for rent in Ibiza...

On the hood of the supercar, a berlinetta? a Spider, maybe?
You place a map of the island and an old clock with hands, oriented in such a way that the 12 o'clock indicates the north. The capital city of Ibiza, of the same name, is to the south, closer to the “6” than to the “5” on the watch face. This will be our starting point for the whole island: together, we will have the luxury of touring Ibiza in a rented Ferrari.

Let's go! We guide, as if co-pilots; you drive.


Recomended Ferrari Rental Companies In Ibiza

Ibiza offers the ideal excuse for car lovers to rent a Ferrari in Ibiza for hours or days.



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If You Want to Know the Island...

The silhouette of the island looks more like an inclined ellipse than the circle of a watch face. The furthest point to our location is in the direction of 2 pm: Punta des Jonc, at the Northeast end, just 15 miles away.

Meanwhile, the western end of the island, Cala d'Hort, is located around 8 and is about 11 miles from us. As you can guess, if we toured the island from coast to coast without stopping to contemplate its wonders, it would take us less than an hour.

But, of course, apart from wanting to feel the power of the engine and hear the characteristic sound of an authentic Ferrari, you also want to enjoy the landscape and its people. So, as the great co-drivers that we are, we’ve prepared a road book for you, which includes:
- Interesting landscapes full of history.
- Some winding roads to step on the brake • and highways to accelerate thoroughly.


Santa Eulària des Riu

(see route in Google Maps)

We will take the route PM-810. Around 3 o'clock on your imaginary watch, and about 9 miles away, we’ll find our first reference point: Santa Eulària des Riu.

 "Riu", in Ibicenco, means river; and, coincidentally, the only river on the island (and of all the Balearic Islands) flows into this municipality.

The town owes its name to a fortified church of the 16th century raised on top of a small hill (220 ft) that dominates the region. Erected in honor of Eulalia de Hispania - a martyr girl, patron saint of Mérida and Barcelona -, the church still exists and you can see the reminiscences of its old masonry walls. Apart from a couple of small museums, there isn't much else to see around; so we continue towards the east.

Es Canar Hippie Market

(see route in Google Maps)

We leave the PM-810 and take the Carrer Es Canar. It is a straight road, one-way and quite narrow, in a half urbanized, half rural area; so you can't show off at the wheel of the GT.

To our right, several perpendicular roads open that lead to a coast full of idyllic coves and inlets of turquoise waters, such as Cala Pada, Niu Blau ("blue nest") and, beyond, Es Canar. Protected by lush pine forests, the coves remind us of the Phoenician past of the island: apparently, Eivissa, the official name of Ibiza, comes from aibschm, Phoenician word for "pine islands".

And if we walk around there on a Wednesday, in Punta Arabí we’d find the famous Hippy Market, an open-air hippie marketplace with several decades of existence.

Saty that jewelry, crafts and John Lennon do not interest you?
Of course, a Ferrari doesn't fit there, does it?
And today is Saturday, you say...?

Okay, then, let's head north, towards ... uh ... another hippie market! Believe us, you cannot understand the current rise of Ibiza without knowing the imprint left by the hippie movement throughout the island. In addition, you won’t go unnoticed riding a Ferrari machine in the mecca of anti-consumerism.

Las Dalias de Ibiza

(see route in Google Maps)

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, Ibiza was a cheap place without tourist infrastructure. That is, it became a bohemian paradise for young Beatniks in Europe and the United States who opposed consumption and sought the novelty, the avant-garde and the underground.

Intellectual hippies began to arrive at that time in the area of Las Dalias (the dahlias), near Sant Carles de Peralta, and the place became the countercultural center of Ibizan hippism; to such an extent that its influence persists today.

Through Carrer de Sa Trenca we return to PM-810 and we arrive at this bulwark where the last exponents of the movement still survive.
Every Saturday, the Las Dalias market operates. In high season, it reaches up to 20,000 visitors.

Let's continue.

Would you like to experience how that V8 engine in your rental Ferrari roars in sharp turns and winding steep roads little traveled? Then, you’ll love our next destination. We will visit the mountains.

Portinatx and the Cala d'en Serra

(see route in Google Maps)

Yes, the name of Portinatx (from Mozarabic etymology) seems extracted from a strip of Asterix and Obelix. The small town and the Serra Creek are at 1 o'clock on our imaginary clock map, at the most Nordic end of the island. Framed by beautiful cliffs, these shallow coves with crystal clear waters are ideal for snorkeling.

Let's see, which of the following challenges will we have to overcome to reach such a paradise?

a) get lost in the endless meanders of the “vella road” connecting Sant Llorenç de Balafia with the north coast
b) reach the northeast hills
c) go up and down and up and down and up and down on a very narrow asphalt strip with no signaling
d) test the brakes of our supercar
e) all of the above

If you chose option  e), you got it right. Don't say we didn't warn you!!


Looking for Speed?

(see route in Google Maps)

If you do not have much time to rent a Ferrari in Ibiza for the day, there are several alternatives to enjoy the unique pleasure of driving a supercar for a few minutes and at full speed.

Throughout the island there are only two "autovías" (the Spanish name for highways with with double lane in each direction and a separation between the opposite ways).

One of these highways connects the 4.3 miles between the airport and the capital. The other one (C-731), consists of two equal straight sections, oriented as if the clock struck 10:25, with Ibiza on the "5", San Rafael in the center of the dial (and of the island), and San Antonio at "10".

The maximum speed limit for this type of primary roads is 74.5 miles per hour (120 km / h). Therefore, a trip to the town of Sant Antoni de Portmany provides a good excuse to rent a Ferrari supercar in Ibiza, for a few minutes.


Recommended Ferrari models for rent in Ibiza


For more information on how to rent a Ferrari for days or hours, visit the “How To Rent A Ferrari” Section.


Alquilar Ferrari 458 Italia

Catalogado como el mejor coche del año en el 2010, cuenta con un motor atmosférico de inyección directa de gasolina con 8 cilindros en V, montado en posición trasera-central con 4,5 litros de cilindrada y 578 CV de potencia con un par de 540 Nm a 6000 rpm, diseñado para alcanzar regímenes de giro de hasta 9.000 rpm...


Alquilar Ferrari 458 Spider

El 458 Spider fué el primer coche en combinar un motor central trasero con un techo duro plegable con un alto confort en el habitáculo tanto abierto como cerrado.


Alquilar Ferrari California T

Elegante, versátil, 100% deportivo y convertible en un Spider en 15 segundos. El Ferrari California T, cumple con las expectativas de los clientes más exigentes, para aquellos que piensan que la diversión al volante es su prioridad.


Alquilar Ferrari 488 GTB

Luciendo un exterior altamente mejorado y equipado con un motor V8 central doble turbo de 670 CV, el 488 GTB se convirtió en el soberano absoluto de los Supercoches Ferrari desde 2015.


Alquilar Ferrari 812 Superfast

El Ferrari 812 Superfast cuenta con 12 cilindros y 800 cv de potencia a 8.500 vueltas. Su par de 718 Nm (575 Nm a 3500 rpm) te harán literalmente volar sobre el asfalto disfrutando del sonido inigualable de su motor atmosférico.


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