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If you're thinking of renting a high-end vehicle in Malaga such as a Ferrari 488 or a 458 Italia, you'll probably also want to know where to go to test the machine thoroughly. With such a wide variety of options to go for a ride or a trip, you're going to have a hard time deciding on one.

That's why, below, we offer you a selection of places to tour Malaga and enjoy a super sports car designed to attract attention and provide a unique driving experience.

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Ferrari Rental Companies In Malaga

Companies with a physical office in Malaga (city).
You can also check Ferrari rental companies in Marbella.

Recommended :
Ferrari California > 700€/day*

Luxury rent a car Málaga
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Discover the Costa del Sol in a splendid Ferrari...

Malaga is part of a melting pot of cultures as varied as they are millenary: the Andalusian region.

In Andalusia, Phoenicians from the other side of the Mediterranean once crossed paths with Carthaginians from the opposite shore or with Castilians from the northern kingdom. Driving along the Malaga roads you will discover that these people left their mark all along the Costa del Sol, and above all, you will see the omnipresence of the Arabs in the gastronomy, architecture and geographical names of the places we suggest you visit. In fact, "Andalusia" comes from the Arabic name "Al-Andaluz", which was used by the Muslims of North Africa to refer to what is now Spain and Portugal.


We drive north, to Antequera!

Distance: 50 km from Málaga (see route in Google Maps)

Founded by the Romans, sacked by the Germans, restored by the Arabs, Antequera is located on what was once the border between Christians and Muslims. As a frontier town, between two cultures so different and so hostile, it is no surprise that the place was chosen to build an "alcazaba" (a word of Arabic origin), that is, a fortified citadel that housed a small military garrison.

The fortification has survived the passage of time, very well preserved. If you only have a few hours to rent or little mileage to travel in your luxury sports car, the main tower of the fortress and its proximity to Malaga are good excuses for taking the Malaga Expressway (A-45) as if you wanted to go to Córdoba. There you can also visit the dolmen of Menga, a huge tomb of 5700 years old, built with giant slabs that form a gallery 27m long and 3.5m high. And if you want to see a real Jurassic park, El Torcal de Antequera is a natural park where nature allows all kinds of whimsical rock formations from the Jurassic period. You will not see fossils of velociraptors or skeletons of tyrannosaurs, but you will be able to stretch your legs for a while before returning the car.

Another good option: let’s visit "El Caminito del Rey" 

Distance: 60 km from Málaga (see route in Google Maps

If you want to surprise your companion, this visit is the ideal complement to continue with the adrenaline after getting off your Ferrari.

The Guadalhorce River forms a 700-meter deep canyon known as Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. If you have seen the movie "El Puente de San Luis Rey" (The Bridge Of San Luis Rey), about the Inquisition in Peru, you already know it, because some of its scenes were filmed there. Among the municipalities of Alora, Ardales and Antequera is the Caminito del Rey, which until its reopening in 2015, was a good attraction for expert climbers.

The Caminito del Rey is a long and scary footbridge that runs along the vertical walls of the canyon at a height of 100 m above the river. Its name is due to the fact that it was inaugurated by Alfonso XIII of Spain at the beginning of the last century. It is located in the northwest of Malaga; but to get there from the city you will have to drive about 30 km west first to Casapalma, on the A-357 road, and then turn 90 degrees north.

Important: you must reserve your ticket early in the Caminito web site and remember that going through the footbridge can take several hours.

If you prefer the southern beaches, let’s drive to Fuengirola...

Distance: 30 km from Málaga (see route in Google Maps)

On a hill halfway between Malaga and Marbella, on one of the banks of the Fuengirola River, and dominating the largest expanse of beaches in the entire province of Malaga, stands Sohail Castle. Now converted into an auditorium, during the months of August or September the castle becomes home to a picturesque medieval market. If you visit Malaga in the summer, keep an eye on the next edition, where you will find minstrels and troubadours and learn how people worked in the Middle Ages.

The stylized lines of your super sports car contrast with the rusticity of the stone buildings. Take a tour of the Roman Site Park, an archaeological site with the ruins of an early Roman settlement. You can eat in a multitude of restaurants practically on the beach, creating a truly appealing experience.



... or to Marbella?

Distance: 60 km from Málaga (see route in Google Maps)

If you don't know this city yet, you have no excuse, although you may prefer to rent your Ferrari in Marbella directly. A ride in a Ferrari fits perfectly with the luxury, the shops, the finesse and international class of the restaurants and the beauty of the natural landscapes. Located just 60 km from Malaga, what are you waiting for to rent a Ferrari and head for one of the most exclusive tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol and in all of Andalusia? You'll love it!


You can't pass through Marbella without trying a sardine skewer. Visit the terraces of the restaurant El Lago, on the Elviria Hills golf course and enjoy the best Andalusian food in front of the artificial lake. And if you want even more glamour, just a few kilometers from the center of Marbella lies Puerto Banus, with its hyper exclusive shopping center with first class boutiques and a yacht marina. You'll find everything you'd expect from a world-class location: renowned brands, high-end cars and restaurants that have nothing to envy from the French Riviera.

To the east coast... Nerja, just 56 km from Malaga

(see route in Google Maps)

After a few miles of luxury along the coast (we suggest a convertible model such as the Ferrari 458 spider or a California T) you can stop for lunch, and there's nothing better around than in this small fishing village which, in the 80s, was the location of the "Verano Azul" series. In Nerja, the mountains meet the sea and the result is a bead of cliffs that overlook beautiful coves with transparent water and fine sand beaches. You can see them from the "Balcón de Europa" (Balcony of Europe) viewpoint, precisely on one of these cliffs, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding mountains. Nearby you will find the caves of Nerja, with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. In these caves, concerts are organized in the summer season, a highly recommended plan if you like classical music (in addition to motor sports).

We recommend the Oliva restaurant in Calle Pintada, or the Sollum, in the same street. If you want to try some German sausages and beer, on the corner of Doctor Fleming and Malaga you will find Stephan's; but be careful, beer and driving a Ferrari do not go together!


126 km from Malaga: La Alhambra in Granada

(see route in Google Maps)

The palace city of Andalusia located in Granada, where during your visit you can enjoy the palaces, gardens and fortress. You have probably heard of the Alhambra Palace. After the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, this is the most visited monument in Spain.


It is not known exactly what the name Alhambra ("The Red One" in Arabic) is due to. Some think it alludes to the red hair of the founder, Muhammad I; others believe that in the light of the torches, the castle would look red when it was built on the hills of Al-Sabika in present-day Granada. With the backdrop of the majestic Sierra Nevada and spectacular gardens and ponds, the Alhambra palace complex is a miniature Moorish city that you can't miss if you have a few hours to escape from Malaga.

There is no direct road from Malaga (great!) so you'll have to travel in a square to the east as well, skirting the Costa del Sol to get around the Sierras de Tejeda and then turning north to get into the countryside. This section of the A-7 Mediterranean highway is ideal for showing off your rental Ferrari.

Changing asphalt… Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Of course, to really ride, there's nothing better than visiting a racetrack. At the Campillos circuit in Malaga, you can rent a Ferrari F430, among other things, and feel like stepping on the gas. Professional drivers will take you for a test drive around the track and then leave you behind the wheel so you can unleash your desire to race. Usually, they charge by the lap (1588 meters per lap) and you choose how many you want to give. For example, 8 laps of this circuit cost around 320€ depending on the model chosen.

You can also rent a Ferrari Formula 2 single-seater and complete your sports experience. A good "pack" can be to drive a nearby route starting and finishing at the circuit with a few full-speed laps.


Ascari circuit... only for "the big guys”.

(see route in Google Maps)

90 kilometers from Malaga and close to the previous one, is one of the best private racetracks (not to say the best) and the longest in Spain. Ascari Resort was opened in 2003 and has 5,425 meters of track in the middle of nature. Divided into 26 turns, this luxury circuit includes pit boxes and a 407-meter straight stretch. You can enter with your own vehicle in the "track days" or hire different driving experiences (half or full day and advanced experience); but keep in mind that it is a private circuit and you need permission to enter. However, you will not get anything cheap since fees start from 1,500 euros/day driving with a personal monitor 5 laps in group A, B and C (GT and single-seater for the advanced ones).​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​If you still have the strength, complement the experience in the restaurant with a swimming pool by the track, or leave the circuit and plan a visit to the wineries nearby, to enjoy a good wine and the typical Ronda cuisine at a good price.

Models available that you can find in Malaga:

  • Ferrari 458 Italia (1.200€/ day prox)
  • Ferrari California T (1.200€/ day prox)
  • Ferrari 458 Spider (1.200€/ day prox)
  • Ferrari 488 GTB (1.250€/ day prox)
  • Ferrari Portofino (1.300€ / day prox)
  • Ferrari 488 Spider (1.300€ / day prox)
  • Ferrari 458 Speciale (1.500€ / day prox)
  • Ferrari 488 Pista (2.500€ / day prox)

For more information on how to rent a Ferrari for days or hours, visit the “How To Rent A Ferrari” Section.


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